Ante Up for Habitat

Welcome to a Night in Vegas featuring poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette. The red carpet will welcome you inside to a night of gaming and fellowship. We will have sensational food and beverages for you to partake of throughout the evening. With the sounds of Sinatra and the feel of Vegas, this night is sure to be one for the books. Break out the gowns and button ups because you’ll want to grab a photo of you and your friends in our on-site photo booth. Attendees are encouraged to eat, drink, and be philanthropic!

Our fundraising will go directly to supporting our housing and education programs here in Jackson County. With a goal of raising $10,000 from guests alone, we will have our work cut out for us. Be bold like Sinatra and let’s raise some money!!

Tickets are on sale now, $50 per adult. Register here

Please contact us at 706-387-0242 or with any questions.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 424

Jefferson, GA 30549

Meet the folks we serve

Meet the Cofer family. They have been married for almost thirty-nine years and seventeen years ago they became Jackson County Residents. We received their application as a referral from Jackson EMC as they were in need of a handicap ramp. This particular project was tough to complete due to nasty weather conditions. It seemed like every week brought rain or frigid temperatures, things our volunteers and staff are awesome for enduring. This family was phenomenal to partner with.

As a reminder, each family signs a partnership agreement prior to the work being done to ensure they understand the scope of the project and the costs associated. No project is free. Our partner families contribute a down payment of $50 and then agree to make affordable, interest-free, payments on materials costs. The payback is determined by their income and often times families only pay a portion of the costs back to JCHFH. It requires faithful donors to help with the upfront costs to make these projects sustainable.

Back to the Cofer’s, while they were not able to assist, physically in the building of their ramp they did take their sweat equity seriously. On several occasions, they have provided coffee, lunch, and brownies to our worker bees as an additional thank you/payment. It is not every day that we see this level of generosity from our partner families. The Cofer’s were just SO thankful for each person that came to give time to make their home more accessible. Unfortunately, Mr. Cofer has had to make a few hospital visits lately but it goes to show the effectiveness and need of our program. They truly needed this ramp and again, our donors made it possible for us to act quickly.

These stories are not fiction. Mrs. Cofer is beyond sweet and forever grateful as is her husband and they really needed our help. Jackson County Habitat for Humanity exists for this very reason. And our leadership is working diligently to grow this organization in a way that ensures more families like the Cofer’s can get the help they so desperately need.

If you have not given to support this cause now is the time. We would love for you to join us in this effort. Jump over to our Hope Builders Club page to find out how.

Did you know?

Did you know that we make an annual contribution to the Orphans & Vulnerable groups fund at Habitat International? Yes, we give a percentage of our sales from the ReStore every year to help those in other countries battling more than unstable housing. Our goal is to not only make a difference locally, in Jackson County but to have a global impact too. 

Find out more about the Orphans & Vulnerable groups that we help HERE.  

At Jackson County Habitat for Humanity our goal is to maximize our resources to create the largest impact that we can. It is foundational to our organization that we practice what we believe in, and that is giving back. Because we are a Christian organization we believe that tithing is an essential component of our stewardship. In doing so, we allocate a percentage of our ReStore sales to be given to those facing challenges all over the world. This is an intentional gift that our leadership wants you to be aware of. Our goal is to always be transparent in our service efforts. 

Do you have a heart for those in other nations? So do we. We would love to know what you think about this giving practice. Please share your thoughts on our Facebook Page, shoot us an email (, or give us a call (706-387-0242). 

Hope Builders Club

Monthly giving is a great way to be philanthropic. We launched our Hope Builders Club for several reasons: 

  1. Consistent donations mean consistent service projects (new homes, ramps, repairs, financial education, homeowner counseling, etc.)
  2. Monthly giving helps our organization budget more effectively
  3. Allows you, the donor, to budget your giving and keep up with our work throughout the year

Start small if monthly giving is new to you. Just twenty-five dollars a month will amount to $300 by the end of the year. That is substantial giving. Take some time as the new year approaches to review your finances and see where a monthly gift to Jackson County Habitat for Humanity can fit in your budget. Help JCHFH help this community. 

Jackson County Habitat needs more Hope Builders. Join the club today and be a part of projects like this one. Your dollars make our projects possible. Follow this LINK to be a part of a club that makes a difference in Jackson County.  


Meet Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Seaborn.

They purchased their home over twenty years ago in an effort to be closer to their children. As they have gotten older, keeping up with their property has become more difficult. Mr. Seaborn reached out to us asking for help building a ramp. You see, the landscaping was kept in order, the inside of the home was neat and clean, but when it came to building a handicap ramp for him and his wife, Mr. Seaborn was physically unable to do it. Imagine being a war veteran and not being able to provide a safe entryway for your wife. He just needed a little help.

That’s where Jackson County Habitat for Humanity comes in. After meeting with Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Seaborn it became clear that this was a worthy project. With the help of many volunteers, the Rotary Club of Jefferson, and Mr. Seaborn himself, we were able to build a handicap ramp that will accommodate the needs of him and his wife. Because we are a hand-up, not a hand-out organization, Mr. Seaborn and Mrs. Sarah were asked to pay a portion of the materials cost back to JCHFH. And guess what? They were glad to. Mr. Seaborn was proud to write a small check monthly for the work that was done. The payments are used to help continue building ramps like this one.


Why does #GivingTuesday matter? It matters because Mr. Seaborn and Mrs. Sarah are not the only ones in need of a hand-up. There is a huge need among our aging population. By joining our Hope Builders Club, making small monthly donations to JCHFH will afford us the ability to buy materials and build more ramps for people like this. Your giving can change lives. Think of someone you know that resembles Mr. Seaborn and Mrs. Sarah, give for them.

A Message from our Executive Director

Jackson County Habitat for Humanity Stakeholders:



In 1998, Jackson County Habitat for Humanity built its first home for a deserving family. It took a year and a half to complete the first home. Dedicated volunteers gave countless hours of their time to make the dream of homeownership a reality for the Garrett Family. Our organization is where it is today because of those faithful volunteers that cared deeply for Jackson County. Since that time we have completed sixteen homes in Jackson County and more than twenty Home Preservation projects. For twenty years we have been working with sponsors, volunteers, and donors to make the dream of homeownership reality for many Jackson County residents. 


Our mission is simple, to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope. We firmly believe that homeownership and community support can be a catalyst for breaking the cycle of poverty. Each homeowner is required to pay an affordable mortgage, complete financial and life skills classes and their sweat equity hours (working with volunteers to build their own home). This model ensures that our family partners are engaged and taking ownership of their situation. The home or repair is not inherently going to break generational poverty, but it is a vehicle to help create a new and different mindset. One that can change a family and ultimately a community. Please see our post on the difference a stable home makes in the family dynamic HERE

Next Three-

Planning is important. Our board and staff have been planning for the better part of a year. Jackson County is changing and growing and we feel it necessary to grow and change with it. Housing is a huge concern for our population. The ability to obtain and afford decent housing, whether it be rental or purchase. The options are virtually non-existent for low to moderate income individuals. Our goal is to shed light on that but more importantly, offer solutions. We are planning to double our new house production by the end of 2020 as well as incorporate a Home Preservation program to ensure that existing homeowners can live safer in their homes. We have big goals for this organization and this county. These goals will not be possible without the support of our community. It will take a village. It will require time, talent, and treasures. I am confident that Jackson County is ready. Ready to take ownership of our neighbors and build a community that loves each other well.

In Partnership,

Kelly Moates

Now Hiring!

We have an opening at JCHFH! This is an exciting position with a growing organization. If you are interested in working with people and have strong construction knowledge we would love to meet you. This is a unique job because you are actively serving Jackson County residents who need a hand up to secure a brighter future. Please review the job description below and submit a resume and cover letter to Feel free to submit any questions you may have to the same email address. You may also mail your resume and cover letter to P.O. Box 424, Jefferson, GA 30549.



Job Description: Construction Manager

Reports to: Executive Director

FSLA Status:  Nonexempt (Part-time 20-32hrs/wk.)

Function:  To manage Jackson County Habitat for Humanity (JCHFH)’s new house construction and repair programs that utilize volunteer labor and produces quality homes for low-income families in a safe, affordable manner.


  1. Education/Formal Training: A general contractor’s license preferred but not required.
  2. Work Experience:  3 years of experience in single-family construction management, or equivalent experience.
  3. Aptitudes: Ability to coordinate the construction of single-family dwellings with volunteers and contractors; ability to supervise and manage staff/volunteers/contractors; ability to lift 80 lbs. or more; ability to operate company vehicles, construction tools, and equipment; interest in working with disadvantaged families.
  4. Essential Responsibilities:
  1. Coordinate activities of new house construction, including but not limited to:

1) Purchase construction materials, tools, and equipment, 2) hire subcontractors where needed, 3) pull appropriate permits and call for inspections, and 4) oversee new house construction.

  1. Serve as staff liaison for Construction Committee, attends board and executive committee meetings when necessary.
  2. Ability to work Saturday’s
  3. Prepare sites for construction.
  4. Assist homeowners in the following activities, including but not limited to:

1) monitor sweat equity hours when on site, 2) educating homeowners in routine house maintenance, 3) conducting punch list for closing, 4) conducting warranty work.

  1. Coordinate volunteers ranging from beginner to skilled in construction tasks.
  2. Organize experienced volunteers to lead work groups.
  3. Responsible for quality control, including a review of contractor and volunteer work.
  4. Responsible for safety at the construction site, including but not limited to:

1) Implementation of an emergency plan, 2) ensure that equipment and tools are in good working condition, 3) train volunteers in safety practices and 4) monitor volunteers, including minors, to ensure the safe use of tools and equipment according to age, skill and OSHA and HFHI regulations.

  1. Work with ED to set project budgets for houses and make adjustments accordingly.
  2. Review billing statements and authorize payment accordingly.
  3. Executes pertinent responsibilities of fiscal policies, i.e. credit card.
  4. Work with ED to obtain in-kind donations of material and services.
  5. Maintain order and upkeep of construction storage.
  6. Represent JCHFH at events, and attend conferences/ training as needed with associated travel.
  7. Supports the mission and programs of JCHFH.
  8. Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director
  1. Physical Demands: Strenuous activity requiring the ability to sit, walk, carry, push, pull, lift 80 lbs., climb, and bend.

Working Conditions: Exposure to extreme temperatures, loud noises, and other various adverse working conditions associated with outdoor work.

It is Time to Grow

How can we serve more people in Jackson County?


Work crew left to right: Tom, Tom, Stephen (Construction Manager), Bill


Over the past eight months, our JCHFH staff and board have worked diligently to identify critical needs in the community. We decided that we needed to better align ourselves with the community needs by building capacity as an organization. In October 2017, the JCHFH Board of Directors spent an entire Saturday devoted to organizational strategic planning. Below is what resulted from that planning.

Number One: What services can we enhance to make a larger impact in Jackson County? The answers are Home Preservation, Critical Home Repair, and Home Accessibility. Three programs are being developed to assist existing homeowners to live more safely and comfortably in their homes. There is a critical need for handicap ramps and other accessibility tools for residents in Jackson County. Since launching this program in the fall we have completed five ramps and one set of handrails for homeowners in Jackson County. This spring we started our Home Preservation and Critical Home Repair programs. Projects could include painting a home all the way to adding a new roof. The goal is always to create a better quality of life for Jackson County residents. For more information on these programs please contact Stacey,

Our repair services will have similar guidelines and qualifications as our New Homeowner program. Participants will still be required to pay for the materials or at least a portion, and provide sweat equity. Sweat equity for these programs will include financial and homeowner counseling. Our goal is not to simply provide a service but to truly educate and uplift homeowners in Jackson County. The qualifications remain the same, ability to pay, willingness to partner, overall need.

A recent ramp in Commerce, Georgia. (Sponsored by Jefferson Rotary Club)


Number Two: These initiatives are not taking the place of our New Homeowner program, but rather adding to it. We have committed to increasing new homeownership by building five new homes over the next three years. There is a huge need for work-force housing in Jackson County. While five homes will not accommodate the growing population it is a step in the right direction. In 2016, Jackson County had a reported Median Income of $54,246 and 21,115 households. Of the 21,115 households, 9,537 are living below the median income for the county. Homeownership leads to increased financial stability and greater opportunities. By increasing the available work-force housing we are increasing the impact on the local economy.

Number Three: How are we going to carry out these programs?  In order to get the programs developed and the work completed, an increase in staff was the only answer. A part-time Construction Manager was hired in January to assist in growing our new Repair and Accessibility initiatives. Having someone dedicated to these projects ensures program effectiveness and safety for volunteers. In addition, our affiliate was awarded a federal grant through HUD, in April, to hire a full-time Family Services Manager. This new position will ensure that we are actively serving Jackson County residents to the best of our abilities. That means selecting qualifying participants and educating them in the areas of financial responsibility, homeownership, and community awareness.

People are the mission. Our safe housing initiatives are a vehicle for helping people. With a growing mission, growing Jackson County, and growing staff, we are so excited to be serving you! Every One needs a place to call home. For us, Jackson County is our home.


One homeowner providing sweat equity on his ramp project. (Sponsored by First Commerce Bank)




If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming projects or ways to help please contact Kelly,








Fresh new look

What’s New?

Our brand is important to us. How we are perceived by the community is important to us. Because of that, we are updating our look! We are excited to present new colors, new words, and new community development initiatives in Jackson County.

Our first project was jump-started by a small group of Jackson EMC employees. They volunteered at our ReStore in Commerce to introduce our new colors to the store. 







The work this team began in our ReStore will be a tremendous help in bringing in our new colors to life in our ReStore and the community.

Our core belief is that EVERY HAND can make a difference. On this day many hands came together to begin the process of updating our ReStore with new colors.

Volunteers are a crucial part of making it possible for us to serve Jackson County and our goal of providing decent homes for deserving families.