Home Buyer FAQs

Are Jackson County Habitat houses free?

No. JC Habitat homeowners purchase their homes from JC Habitat through a zero-percent interest mortgage.

Is there a large down payment required?

There is a required monetary down payment of $500 after the homeowner’s application has been approved. This amount can be paid in installments.

How much is the JC Habitat monthly mortgage payment?

The monthly mortgage payment varies depending on the cost of each individual home. Currently, the average monthly mortgage payment for new home buyers is less than $500.

What is included in a homeowner’s monthly mortgage payments?

  • Principal payment that goes to pay down the amount owed on the home loan
  • Property taxes
  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Termite insurance bond

How do home buyers complete their sweat-equity hours?

Approved home buyers partner with JC Habitat in the construction of other homes as well as their own homes. Home buyers can also complete sweat equity hours by working in the Jackson County Habitat ReStore, by participating in Outreach events, and by attending required meetings.

How many sweat-equity hours are required?

There is a minimum requirement of 300 sweat-equity hours. 100 hours must be completed prior to construction, 100 hours can be donated by family and friends, 80 hours must be spent working on the homeowners home, and 20 hours must be spent in sanctioned financial literacy, and home-ownership classes.

I’ve heard that homeowners never actually own their homes; they rent them. Is this true?

No. In the JC Habitat program, the home buyer signs the closing documentation and pays on the home for the life of the loan. When the maturity date is reached the home then becomes the homeowners.

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