Being a part of our community building efforts is an experience unlike any other.

Volunteering with us does not require any special skills or experience. All we ask is that you come prepared to work hard and give us your all. There are opportunities to build on a worksite, help in the ReStore, or be a part of a Habitat committee.

Our largest volunteer activities take place on Saturdays. During a new construction, each volunteer Saturday is scheduled several weeks in advance. If you are interested in sponsoring a build Saturday or an entire home build, please reach out to Stacey Hammond, Family Services Manager.


There is no better team building exercise than volunteering to help build a Habitat home. We welcome, teams, clubs, businesses, friend groups, and many other organizations. Email shammond@jacksoncountyhfh.org for more information on group participation.


Not a part of a group? Join other people like you on a site and have the time of your life. Please fill out the volunteer form below.

Youth Guidelines

Providing a safe work space for our volunteers is our number one priority. Due to the potential hazardous construction environment, we restrict volunteers under 18 to certain tasks.

Minors 16 – 17 are allowed to participate in construction work with the exception of using power tools; being on ladders, scaffolding, or walk boards more than 4’ higher than surrounding area; being on platforms or decks without hand or guard rails when more than 4’ above surrounding area; or being on a roof or participating in roofing.  Minor groups participating on a build site must provide adult supervision.  All minors must complete a liability waiver and have it signed by their parent or guardian.

Under 15 years old

Unfortunately, we cannot have minors under 15 on an active construction site. They are allowed to bring food and drinks during a work stoppage. For information on non-construction opportunities please contact us.

During which hours are you available for volunteer assignments?*

Weekday morningsWeekday afternoonsWeekend morningsWeekend afternoons

Tell us in which areas you are interested in volunteering.*

Assisting in the OfficeWorking on a Build SiteAssisting in the ReStore

By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if I am accepted as a volunteer, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in my immediate dismissal.

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