Did you know that we make an annual contribution to the Orphans & Vulnerable groups fund at Habitat International? Yes, we give a percentage of our sales from the ReStore every year to help those in other countries battling more than unstable housing. Our goal is to not only make a difference locally, in Jackson County but to have a global impact too. 

Find out more about the Orphans & Vulnerable groups that we help HERE.  

At Jackson County Habitat for Humanity our goal is to maximize our resources to create the largest impact that we can. It is foundational to our organization that we practice what we believe in, and that is giving back. Because we are a Christian organization we believe that tithing is an essential component of our stewardship. In doing so, we allocate a percentage of our ReStore sales to be given to those facing challenges all over the world. This is an intentional gift that our leadership wants you to be aware of. Our goal is to always be transparent in our service efforts. 

Do you have a heart for those in other nations? So do we. We would love to know what you think about this giving practice. Please share your thoughts on our Facebook Page, shoot us an email (kmoates@jacksoncountyhfh.org), or give us a call (706-387-0242). 

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